Women doing things again, on their own

fernandocoelhoGirlsYear beginning, low light and infantilising coverage of women combine to make me feel a bit lost for words but full of desire to publish pictures that resist the miserablism. Some of the women portrayed are probably offering sex for sale, but be careful about stereotyping when you imagine which ones they are. The exercise is to look not at whatever ‘patriarchal structures’ or economic problems push women into doing one thing or another but to see them as playing the cards they were dealt.

lesbianI avoid the language of choice, and the term agency is unfriendly but it’s what I mean. This is not about identities or job titles but existing in and moving through the world. It’s also not about love or family in any obvious sense or anyone’s nationality or what culture they were brought up in. Look elsewhere for downtrodden, caged, unhappy, passive, immobile victims with mouths bandaged so they cannot speak. I ran a bunch of photos a couple of times some years back – see Women Doing Things.

I suppose they are a peek into my subconscience, too. Anyway, happy 2014.







old women on bench






–Laura Agustín, the Naked Anthropologist

3 thoughts on “Women doing things again, on their own

  1. Aphrodite

    Hi Laura, I’m quite new on this website.
    As being a sex worker myself, I’ve always been sceptical on the representation of sex workers, or supposed-to-be sex workers.
    As you say, many sex workers are portrayed as immobile, caged and passive victims. And if not, you usually get a picture of long legs, a mini-skirt, and high-heel stiletto’s. In short, an acceptable attire in Western culture.
    What also strikes me is the often intrusive way of photographing ‘victims’.
    At least, that’s my opinion. f.ex. the way Indian sex workers AND clients are photographed in brothels. I always wonder. ‘Who allows them? I don’t suppose they’re so proud of their work that they want show everyone what they do for a living?’ Forgive me for my ignorance if I’m wrong.
    I wonder, have you written something about that yet? I need some guidance through your website 😉

    1. Laura Agustín

      I suggest you look at topics in the tag cloud in the right-hand column and open up the All Posts page where you can read the titles. There’s also a publications tab on the top menu. Besides that if you are on twitter I comment a lot as @LauraAgustin and on facebook too. None of which means I have commented on everything!


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