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The Three-Headed Dog, 2017. I published it, readable on all devices.

Sex at the Margins: Migration, Labour Markets and the Rescue Industry, Zed Books, 2007. Paperback, e-formats and audiobook.

Spanish edition Sexo y marginalidad: Emigración, mercado de trabajo e industria del rescate, Editorial Popular. Paperback.

Trabajar en la industria del sexo, y otros tópicos migratorios, Gakoa, 2005. Paperback. (otro libro/separate book)

[Publications in Spanish, Academic articles, Non-English articles]

Media articles and essays in English

The New Abolitionist Model, Jacobin, December 2017

Sex at the Margins Ten Years On, on Zed Books’s blog, December 2017

Somaly Mam, Nick Kristof, and the Cult of Personality, Jacobin, June 2014

Prostitution Law and the Death of Whores, Jacobin, August 2013 (at Salon as The sex worker stigma: How the law perpetuates our hatred (and fear) of prostitutes)

Sex as Work and Sex Work, Jacobin, May 2012 (also in The Commoner and Arts & Opinion)

The Specialness of (Some) Sexual Crimes, Counterpunch, April 2012 (also H-Net)

Sex Trafficking: Not Inside the Business of Modern Slavery, Counterpunch, February 2012

A Man of Moral Sentiments, review of S Kara Inside the Business of Modern Slavery, H-Net, February 2012

Kristof and the Rescue Industry: The Soft Side of Imperialism, Counterpunch, January 2012

Melissa Farley and the US government Want You to Stop Buying Sex: End Demand, Good Vibrations, 2011

The Bad Vibrations of Anatomical Fundamentalism: World Gender War, Good Vibrations, 2011

Radical feminist pleasure in sex worker misfortunes: not a pretty picture, translation of Kajsa Ekis Ekmans okunnighet om sexarbetare är skrämmande, Newsmill, Sweden, October 2010

Big claims, little evidence: Sweden’s law against buying sex, The Local, July 2010

Doubtful report on sex-purchase law, Svenska Dagbladet, July 2010

The Ease of Righteous Causes: What to feel about undocumented migration, London Progressive Journal, November 2009

Is rape rampant in gender-equal Sweden? The Local, May 2009

Do you know whether or not you are a prostitute? Susie Bright’s Journal, February 2009

The Shadowy World of Sex Across BordersGuardian, November 2008

What Not to Wear – if you want to be FrenchGuardian, August 2008

Border ThinkingRe-public, May 2008

The Sex in ‘Sex Trafficking’American Sexuality, 2007

What’s Wrong with the ‘Trafficking’ Crusade,The Philadelphia Inquirer, 2007

Contributing to ‘Development’: Money Made Selling Sex, Research for Sex Work, 2006

Alternate Ethics, or: Telling Lies to ResearchersResearch for Sex Work, 2004

Forget Victimisation: Granting Agency to MigrantsDevelopment, 2003

The (Crying) Need for Different Kinds of ResearchResearch for Sex Work, 2002

Challenging ‘Place’: Leaving Home for SexDevelopment, 2002

Sex workers and Violence Against Women: Utopic Visions or Battle of the Sexes? Development, 2001

The Em- of EmpowermentResearch for Sex Work, 2000

They Speak, But Who Listens? in Creating Cultures in Cyberspace, 1999

Working in the European Sex Industry, translated by me from Trabajar en la industria del sexo, 2000

Daring Border-crossers: A Different Vision of Migrant Women in Sex Work, Health and Mobility in Europe,, 2004

Still Challenging ‘Place’: Sex, Money and Agency in Women’s Migrations in Women and the Politics of Place, 2005

Action against Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children: ILO, 2000

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