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Sex and the Limits of Enlightenment: The Irrationality of Legal Regimes to Control ProstitutionSexuality Research and Social Policy, 2008

Editor of a special edition of Sexualities: The Cultural Study of Commercial Sex, 2007. Introduction by Laura Agustín.

Questioning Solidarity: Outreach with Migrants Who Sell Sex, Sexualities, 2007

The Disappearing of a Migration Category: Migrants Who Sell SexJournal of Ethnic & Migration Studies, 2006

The Cultural Study of Commercial Sex: Sexualities, 2005

Migrants in the Mistress’s House: Other Voices in the ‘Trafficking’ DebateSocial Politics, 2005

A Migrant World of ServicesSocial Politics, 2003

Also published in Gendered Borders: Women and Immigration Law in Europe, 2007

Helping Women Who Sell Sex: The Construction of Benevolent Identities, rhizomes, 2005

Money in the Margins: Migrants in the Sex Industry in Livelihoods at the Margins: Surviving the Streets, 2007.

Migration and Mobility in The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex Work, 2007

The Conundrum of Women’s Agency: Migration and the Sex Industry in Sex Work Now, 2006

Review of The Suffering of the Immigrant by Abdelmalek Sayad, 2005

Review of Love for Sale: A Global History of Prostitution, N. Ringdal and Female Prostitution in Costa Rica: Historical Perspectives, 1880-1930, A. Hayes. Women’s History Review, 2007

Review of Illicit and Illegal: Sex, regulation and social control, J. Phoenix and S. Oerton. Journal of Social Policy, 2005

Review of The Politics of Prostitution, J. Outshoorn, ed. Labour/Le Travail, 2005

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