Reviews of Sex at the Margins

Reviews in print and online media of Sex at the Margins

Sex at the Margins by Laura AgustínSex at the Margins: Migration, Labour Markets and the Rescue Industry was published in 2007 by Zed Books. It is available in paperback, kindle, nook, kobo, e-pub and audio.

The New Statesman called it ‘One of the most important books on migration published in recent years.’

The book got a lot of reviews, many of them quite thoughtful. Lower down find more than 20 in academic journals. Most are positive; a few complain bitterly. Those you can read online are indicated with *

*The New Statesman: The Myth of Trafficking, 2008

*The Spiked Review of Books: Exploding the Myth of Trafficking, 2008

*Reason: The Myth of the Migrant,  2007

*Susie Bright’s Journal: Sex at the Margins, 2007

*Broadsnark: Review of Sex at the Margins, 2012

*Live Girl (video) Review: Watch Sex at the Margins, 2008

*Goodreads: Sex at the Margins, 2009 (one of a number on this site)

*WoWasis Travel Blog: Sex at the Margins, 2012

*Sampaloc Toc: Sex at the Margins, 2009

*NZZ (Neue Zürcher Zeitung): «Diese Frauen sind nicht naiv», 2009

The Erotic Review: Everything you need to know about sex trafficking, Harriet, 2008

*D – la Repubblica delle Donne: Le immigrate che vendono sesso non sono vittime né schiave, 2008

Die Weltwoche: Befreiung durch die Rettungsindustrie, 2008

*testcard: Nicht alle empfinden das Gleiche über Sex, 2008

Weekendavisen: Glidecreme og gode intentioner, 2008

Reflect-online: Diskurse der Mittelschicht, 2008

*DHIVA: Opferfrauen und Frauenwohltäter, 2007

*Marginalia: Review of Sex at the Margins

Academic book reviews

Signs, 36, 1, 2010, Feminists Theorize International Political Economy Special Issue, Suzanne Franzway and Mary Margaret Fonow

American Ethnologist, 37, 3, 2010, Lorraine Nencel

*Sexualities A Round Up of Some Recent Books on Prostitution and Sex Work, 13, 3, 2010, Ken Plummer

Journal of Ethnic & Migration Studies, 35, 6, 2009, Alison Phipps

*Feminist Theory, 10, 1, 2009, Meena Poudel

*Sexualities, 12, 5, 2009, Dan Allman

Women’s Studies International Forum, 32, 4, 2009

*Gender, Place and Culture, 16, 3, 2009, Elizabeth Bernstein

*Feminist Review, 96, e1–e4, 2010, Julia O’Connell Davidson

Culture, Health & Sexuality, 11, 5, 2009, Alexandra Lutnick

*Qualitative Sociology, 32, 1, 2009, AnneMarie Cesario and Lynn Chancer. Sex Work: A Review of Recent Literature.

*Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 15, 2009, Siân Oram

*Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 5, 4, 2008, Don Kulick

Body and Society, 14, 2, 2008, Nicole Vitellone

Gender & Development, 16, 1, Barbara Limanowska

European Journal of Women’s Studies, 15, 4, 2008, Giulia Garofalo

International Feminist Journal of Politics, 10, 3, 2008, Wendy Harcourt

International Migration Review, 41, 3, 2007, Lynel Long

*Análise Social, 43, 4, 2008, Lorenzo Bordonaro

Theoretical Criminology, 12, 2, 2008, Melissa Ditmore

European Journal of Women’s Studies ,15, 2, 2008, Maggie O’Neill

Global Networks, 8, 3, 2008. Bridget Anderson

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–Laura Agustín, the Naked Anthropologist