Sex on Sunday: nannies, ‘splainers, taxi drivers and sex workers

The weather turned wintry again in northern Europe, alas, but Wednesday’s event in Copenhagen was very rewarding – thanks to those who came and asked interesting questions. Here are stories I read this week that somehow have something to do with my thinking on migration and commercial sex!

A Nannies’ Bill of Rights from

When Franklin Delano Roosevelt unveiled his plan for a federal minimum wage in May 1937, Southern planters grumbled that they’d be required to “pay your Negro girl 11 dollars a week.” Roosevelt knew his Fair Labor Standards Act would squeeze through Congress only with the approval of Southern Democrats, so he reassured the grumblers: “No law ever suggested intended a minimum wages and hours bill to apply to domestic help.”

What is ‘splaining and why should I care? by s.e. smith

This happens to women who sell sex all the time: ’Splainin’ is an ‘explanation’ put forward in the most patronizing way possible by someone who thinks his, her or their opinions are more important than actual lived experiences. ’Splainers are unfortunately especially common in safe spaces in which the voices of people living in marginalized bodies are centered. . . 

Senegal’s Taxi Sisters break new ground from GlobalPost

Dakar’s official, supported-by-the-president “Taxi Sisters” shatter taboos and open up transport field for women.

Sex workers of SANGRAM demand rights and health care

The International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC), an international advocacy organization for women’s health and rights, has partnered with SANGRAM and produced a documentary about their work called “SANGRAM: Sex Workers Organizing in India.” 

Fronteras asesinas de Europa

Informe sobre las violaciones de los derechos humanos en las fronteras publicado por la red Migreurop, a la que pertenece la APDHA. Este informe desea favorecer, cada vez que sea posible, la palabra de los migrantes entrevistados . . .

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