Sex on Sunday: Are clubs sexier? what is a sex club?

All these places use the word club somewhere to describe themselves. Does club imply privacy, is that why? Or exclusivity? Or outside the law? Other keywords in the advertising: table dance, strip, spa, night, pussy, geisha, nude and swingers. There is one Spanish puticlub. In the case of the Cajun Sex Club at the end, transgression would seem to be promised. Nice series that, Adult Books for 95 cents, with dollars spilling around, tasteful sparkles and a real stud.

–Laura Agustín, the Naked Anthropologist

2 thoughts on “Sex on Sunday: Are clubs sexier? what is a sex club?

  1. Mercedes Allen

    I don’t know about elsewhere, but there are legal implications in Canada. What one can do as an establishment set up as a private club is very different from what public businesses are allowed.

  2. LH

    In Germany clubs, that is, either Saunaclub or Pauschalclub, are places where clients can stick around for as long as they like, have sex with as many women as possible. Drinks and meals are also offered. Saunaclubs of course, also offer sauna’s, which some Pauschalclubs also do. Main difference between Saunaclub and Pauschalclub: in a Saunaclub the women get paid after service provided. In a Pauschalclub one pays a set amount of money up front, and does not pay the individual sex workers directly. Tricks at Pauschalclubs only last 15 minutes. In Saunaclubs there’s no such time limit, and one pays according to spent time.


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