Sex on Sunday: sugar daddies, acrobatic vaginas, geishas and sex education

Fataki is a fictional sugar daddy

Sex ed in Dar es Salaam, Iva Skoch, Global Post

Of all the colorful wall murals that surround her school, Usta Rukaka, a petite 19-year-old, says her favorite is the one with the fat lady. “The one where the guy is staring at the girl with the big butt,” she says and stretches her arms three feet wide. . .

Fragments of Evolving Manhood, by Richard Jeffrey Newman at Alas

. . . Smiling and without any introduction, she hiked up the skirts of her hambok, took an egg from the tray she had placed on the edge of our table when she entered, and inserted it into her vagina. She kept it there for about ten seconds, caught it in her hand as she let it fall out and in one, smooth, obviously very practiced motion, cracked it on the edge of my class and stirred it into my beer with a wink, insisting I should drink it “for stamina.” I half-expected her to try to make that happen by raising a glass and toasting me, but without even the smallest pause for dramatic effect, she picked a bottle-opener up from the tray, wrapped the handle in some cloth, inserted it where she had put the egg, and used it to open two fresh bottles of beer. . .

Geishas and Whores, at Racialicious

The geisha figure is one end of a continuum of stereotypes of Asian woman sexuality. The continuum is inanimate. Other races have different sexual stereotypes: for example, “animalistic”. But Asian women are neither animal nor human. They’re inanimate things. They’re so passive that they barely even move. On the high end, they’re beautiful clockwork dolls, to be petted and treasured and collected and shown off. The most expensive ones can’t even be bought for money; instead, you have to win them through your superior knowledge of authentic Asian culture. On the low end, they’re doormats, sperm receptacles, happy ending massage girls, completely impersonal and interchangeable, existing for nothing more than a moment’s pleasure.

– Laura Agustín, the Naked Anthropologist

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