Sex on Sunday: gold diggers, hookers and hot dancing in Seattle

Gold digger has been a highly negative label to call women who include financial questions when calculating sexual relationships. In this picture, however, gold diggers are superior to mere hookers.

Anyone who thought lap dance clubs were something new is in for a surprise.

Sexing it up in Pioneer Square by Leonard Garfield

Among the most successful of Seattle’s 19th century “sporting clubs” was the People’s Theater. Catering to the city’s swelling population of loggers, miners and sailors, the People’s Theater opened in 1890 in the wake of the Great Seattle Fire. . . Box theaters were a favorite venue among lascivious Seattleites, allowing patrons to enjoy performers onstage and purchase drinks from hostesses, who also offered to assuage their customers’ loneliness in curtained-off boxes. Box theaters were dependent on hostesses’ liquor sales to make a profit.

Let’s not arrest prostitutes, 1957

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