Sex scandals: Mrs Robinson, the Pope and Julian Assange

What do Mrs Robinson, the Pope and Julian Assange have in common? They all got caught in sex scandals, which will be considered on a panel at the mega America Anthropological Association conference in Montreal in November.

Excerpt from the Abstract

. . . The papers do not look past sex scandals to ask what they are ‘really’ about. Instead, they take the scandals seriously as significant social and cultural events that have their own genesis, configuration, cadence and course. Anthropologists are well-placed to understand sex scandals because extended fieldwork and familiarity with different groups and with conflicts in society allows us to place the scandal in historical, political, and cultural context. . .

I am on this panel, giving a talk called Assange’s Sex in Sweden, because I was an expert witness for him in the UK earlier this year, having written about rape in Sweden a while ago. This is the sort of academic-industrial conference I have always avoided, but for various reasons I am going to this one. I can’t say how much I will be there apart from my own panel, though!

AAA Conference, Montreal, Canada 2011
4-0430 Notes on a Scandal

Friday 18 November 2011: 10:15-12:00

Organizer and Chair: Don Kulick, University of Chicago

On Julian Assange
Laura Maria Agustín (Independent scholar)
On Jacob Zuma
Bjarke Oxlund (University of Copenhagen)
On Silvio Berlusconi
Roberta Raffaetà (Università di Trento)
On Mrs. Robinson
Thomas Strong (National University of Ireland, Maynooth)
On Aussie Footballers
Lenore H Manderson (Monash University)
On Thai Monks
Peter A Jackson (Australian National University)
On the Holy See
Nancy Scheper-Hughes (University of California, Berkeley)

–Laura Agustín, the Naked Anthropologist

4 thoughts on “Sex scandals: Mrs Robinson, the Pope and Julian Assange

  1. Laura Agustín

    Abstracts for this panel were requested ages ago, months before the DSK affair. There are many scandals and probably someone is studying them all!

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