Sex on Sunday: kinky feminism, sex research and ‘hooker’ as an insult

I’m in the Carpathian Mountains listening to people talk about queer activism, the history of the World Jewish Congress, social forums, ritual slaughter and more interesting topics in the framework of transnational social movements. Enjoy today’s kink.

The Carnival of Kinky Feminists

You define what both kinky and feminist mean. Submit a blog here.

An ambiguous research experience by Matt Greenall

“Why are you asking us about this? So you can fantasise?” asked one of the interviewees. I began patiently explaining, for the third time, the purpose of my study. “Yeah but can I suck you off afterwards?”

Independent on Sunday in libel payout to sex blogger by Dominic Ponsford

Girl with a one-track mind blogger Zoe Margolis has won “substantial damages” from the Independent on Sunday after it referred to her as a “hooker” in a headline.