Signs with SEX on a New Zealand street: escorts and schools

Here’s a story From about signs advertising an online escort website that are upsetting a New Zealand community because children pass them on the way to school. Comments to the story address the issue of whether children’s ‘innocence’ needs to be protected or not. Prostitution is legal in NZ (as discussed in several previous posts: re migration, re street work, re trafficking and re whiteness). This story shows how it’s the visible aspects of the sex industry that upset most people, not its existence. Compare with the other day’s article about Tel Aviv.

Photo: Ben Watson

The online escort business’s own comment was this:
18 May 2009 – Press Release:

The subject of street-based prostitution is both controversial and topical. Adultspace is a Marketing Agency that provides a service to workers in the sex industry. This allows them to promote their business in a professional, discreet and non-intrusive way.

There is a general consensus of opinion that the street element of prostitution needs to be controlled. This has resulted in much debate aimed at finding a resolution for this social issue. Adultspace allows individuals to promote themselves, via the website, in a safe and socially responsible way, without having to walk the streets.

The signage promoting Adultspace is not designed to be offensive, and is probably less sexual and shocking than billboards displayed throughout New Zealand. We feel it is both tasteful and understated. We fail to see why the local school are concerned. They have not approached us directly, and we have had no negative feedback from members of the general public.

The sex industry is legal. Adultspace is a Marketing Agency that supports it. Like all other companies, we should be allowed to display visible signage relevant to our business.

We endeavor to be sensitive to the impact that some elements of this industry may have on certain sectors of the general public.

As with other activities seen as deviant, the sex industry is only acceptable and tolerated when it is out of sight – even when it is legal.

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  1. Bolton Escorts Manchester

    Amazing to think that its totally legal over there! I can see why people are angry about it if its on the main road where kids walk on the way to school, doesn’t set a great example imo.


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