Sex on Sunday: Beware of the Anarchist Bookfair & its devilish talk on sex work

The Anarchist Bookfair is next Saturday 6 April, and I am looking forward to talking specifically about ideas related to sex work as a job or occupation or livelihood or profession – without giving centre-stage to feminist arguments, or any other -isms for that matter. That does not mean I think feminisms are irrelevant, but the focus on them has impeded dealing with labour policy on commercial sex for donkey’s years. All my ideas are infused with concepts of social justice whether they come from anti-racist, anti-imperialist, anarchist, socialist or feminist traditions. I’ve been a second-wave and third-wave feminist in my own way and plan to belong to future waves, as well – but consider arguing about which specific ideas are ideologically correct a waste of my time.

At University College Dublin on the 4th I’ll talk about Sex at the Margins, the full monty.

–Laura Agustín, the Naked Anthropologist

2 thoughts on “Sex on Sunday: Beware of the Anarchist Bookfair & its devilish talk on sex work

  1. armillaria

    If a feminist lense impedes assessment of labor conditions, surely that’s only a problem of feminism *in the absence* of class consciousness. Which is an annoying, liberal tradition, to be sure – one that offers me very little for my own liberation. But a class-conflict worldview that operates in the absence of feminist consciousness is just as limiting, no?


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