Sex on Sunday: Male chastity belts, demimonde cocottes and sex-lexis

Chastity Belt for Men

Control your partner’s orgasms. This is an extremely powerful and effective relationship device. Become his fantasy once again. He will think you are the sexiest thing in this world. Wearing the chastity device can be extremely erotic. You know the couple has to think of each other constantly since he is wearing the device and she is holding the key . . .


Coined by Alexandre Dumas fils in 1852. . . the term “demimonde” (literally, half-world) originally designated a class of fallen society women. But the definition came to be much broader, including all women of loose morals who lived at the edge of respectable society and, by extension, the men—royal, aristocratic, bourgeois, and bohemian— who frequented that ambiguous world. . . . In an age of limited career possibilities for women, the courtesan took maximum advantage of one of the oldest professions open to her. Prostitution was widespread in nineteenth-century Paris, but the courtesan was set apart from the anonymous streetwalker by virtue of . . .

The Language of Love, Lust, Sex

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2 thoughts on “Sex on Sunday: Male chastity belts, demimonde cocottes and sex-lexis

  1. Thaddeus Blanchette

    What I find hilarious is that they market the male chastity belt as a means of controlling your male partner’s masturbation.

    I mean, hellooooooooo Christine O’Donnel!

  2. Yulia Khouri

    I just think the names of these are so interesting; compare the old version just a “chastity belt”and a new version “CB 2000” – this also seems to reflect the change of the way we perceive these devices: from the old “moralistic tones” right down to “mechanical, playful and naughty” nature of sexual abstinence? anyway, to me it sounds like something from the shopping channel with the ending “buy one get one for half the price”… but with with an old-style lock hanging on it?! The device name like that must have “turbo-powered” , “remote control”and “GPS” somewhere in it… 🙂


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