Sex at the Margins available as ebook

I receive many queries about getting Sex at the Margins (Zed Books) as an ebook, so am happy to announce that it is now available through various outlets. Not for the dedicated hardware readers yet (kindle, nook, kobo) but available!

The best deal in the US is at Books A Million:  ebook $10.32

In the UK the best deal is at Waterstones: ebook £14.39

In Australia the best price is at Read Without Paper: ebook AUD 22.76

Oddly enough in the UK Tesco say they have the paperback for £12.59 but you have to pay delivery unless you are ordering over £15 at a time.

Thanks to all for encouragement and continuing to keep this book on the market. The original reader of the manuscript for Zed Books predicted it would become a cult classic and I guess that’s about right!

–Laura Agustín, the Naked Anthropologist

7 thoughts on “Sex at the Margins available as ebook

  1. Danielle

    That’s great news! I’ve been wanting to buy it (here in the US) but the Amazon price of over $100 kept me from doing so. This is so much more affordable!

  2. Thaddeus Blanchette

    Thanks for doing this, Laura. This is going to makje the book much more accessible for folks here in Brazil! Now all we need to do is get a Portuguese version out!

  3. JR

    I recently requested your book via interlibrary loan. But, much to my surprise, my university library informed me that they instead bought a new copy for our own library! Hope it gets many readers.


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