Strippers spoof Sarah Palin at a Vegas strip club

Here are pictures from the Toronto Sun of a contest held a few months ago in a Las Vegas strip club. The prize was $10,000 and a trip to Washington for the presidential inauguration.

Since I advocate a more cultural study of commercial sex, I like the way these pictures show culture, politics and humour mixing it up in businesses often thought of as being about one thing only: Sex. The guns make a nice social comment, too.


If you’re interested in these, take a look at descriptions of a few kinds of sex-industry venues in Spain. There’s a lot going on in these places besides sex!

-Laura Agustín, the Naked Anthropologist

4 thoughts on “Strippers spoof Sarah Palin at a Vegas strip club

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    eventhough there are lots of criticisms against Sarah Palin, i still admire her. she also did a lot of things in the area of politics specially in Alaska.

  2. Caramoan

    There are critics of Sarah Palin but in my opinion she is also a very good politician and she also did some good projects in Alaska.

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    the thing i like about Sarah Palin is that she is a woman with very strong character `


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