Police to demolish sex businesses in Jakarta

The fight for urban space: that’s what a lot of sex-industry news could be called. Jakarta cafes that provide opportunities for commercial sex are complained about by people who live nearby. The solution to tear down buildings en masse seems draconian compared with the manipulation of city ordinances common in Spain. The latter seek to get sex workers and clients off the streets and indoors, where they won’t offend certain residents’ sensibilities. In Jakarta, the offending market is already indoors. I know nothing about these particular businesses but suspect that a little work in the area of zoning or city planning might help avoid mass destruction of functioning businesses. It’s set to happen this week.

East Jakarta plans to raid tens of cafes in Pulogebang

4 January 2010, Beritajakarta

East Jakarta Municipal Administration is planning to conduct a raid on dozens of illegal cafes located in the area of Seruni flat, Pulogebang, Cakung next week, following public complaints over the existence of the cafes.

“We have sent letters to the managements of the cafes, urging them to immediately demolish their business places by themselves. We will tear down the buildings should they not conduct the order by next week,” said Murdhani, East Jakarta Mayor.

Agung (30), a local resident, said the cafes had become places for illegal sexual activities involving commercial sex workers. “The cafes also make noises, annoying the residents living nearby,” said Agung. There are around 20 units of cafe which also provide billiards located here. Every night, they are packed with visitors,” he said.

In the meantime, East Jakarta Public Order Police Squad (Satpol PP) head Tiangsa Surbakti said he had prepared a number of personnel for the operation. Regarding to the operation schedule, it is still waiting for the decision from East Jakarta mayor.

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