Numbers of trafficking victims fall in Germany

The question of statistics on trafficking continues knotty. Earlier this year various news services reported that the German chief of police had announced sex trafficking had increased 11% over last year and 70% over a five-year period. But almost immediately that claim was shown to be wrong – by which I mean that I found out right away because I know people who keep an eye on these things.

Now here are the German Federal Criminal Police’s own statistics that show the opposite to what the chief said – there is no increase in victims of trafficking:

2000 – 926 victims

2001 – 987 victims

2002 – 811 victims (German law regulating prostitution enacted)

2003 – 1235 victims

2004 – 972 victims

2005 – 642 victims

2006 – 775 victims

2007 – 689 victims

2008 – 676 victims

2009 – 710 victims

Cases have fallen since 2003, which does not prove that decriminalisation caused the drop but hardly shows it has had the dire consequences claimed. How this particular lie got started, why the police chief should have said it when his own numbers contradict it, is hard to understand.


– Laura Agustín, the Naked Anthropologist

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