Man licking women will make men stop buying sex? Anti-prostitution feminism goes wacky

I was going to write about Extremist Feminism again but this latest is over the line into wackiness. By what twisted logic did the European Women’s Lobby decide that a film of a man pretending to lick a series of pussies would work to discourage other men from paying to lick pussies or have their own parts licked, or both? The incoherency of this End Demand product is mind-boggling.

The EWL, as noted not long ago in a post about European anti-prostitution trends, has been running a Together for a Europe Free From Prostitution campaign, despite the fact that some members of the EU legally permit and regulate some branches of the sex industry. The EWL is not run democratically, however, instead picking names from member countries willing to go along with their insider fiats. Yet the European Commission funds them just as though they truly represented all women in Europe. It is an old scandal, and if I am not in possession of all the facts then that is because the EWL provides none on their website. I am also told they accept money from other parts of the world and would not be surprised to find that Hunt Alternatives is a source, since the international End Demand campaign begins there.

Europeans will like to know that their money has gone to make versions of this video in many languages besides EN (BG, CZ, DE, DK, ES, FN, FR, HU, IT, MT, NL, POR, RO, SE, TR) with voice-overs and/or subtitles in a bunch and subtitles only in others. And we are in a financial crisis? What a boondoggle.

In the one-minute video, the man (meant to be a sex worker though he looks anything but) doing the licking acts out feeling sickened by it. He brushes his teeth a lot. In contrast, the women throwing themselves back on his bed look quite pleased. Just how is this meant to discourage men from paying for sex? It seems possible that women seeing the film will think how great it would be if they could hire someone for oral sex, though they are always said to want a lot of cuddling and romancing first (which is a silly essentialising of ‘female’ desire). In any case, the psychology of this campaign certainly shows how anti-sex the campaigners are.

This time I think they’ve outwitted themselves, these anti-everything campaigners. For all their money, this approach can only backfire, as I imagine more women starting to search for . . .

–Laura Agustín, the Naked Anthropologist

27 thoughts on “Man licking women will make men stop buying sex? Anti-prostitution feminism goes wacky

  1. matt

    It seems the actual subtext of the video is that older and fat woman are disgusting and undeserving of sexual pleasure. Some who attempts to provide them with such is committing a gross act that should be illegal. This is both anti-woman, and more than that it’s misanthropic.

    Anytime a political group invokes attempts to invoke disgust/purity from their audience, watch out!

  2. Laura Agustín

    one of the clients is young and pretty, though she also has a mean look on her face. since EWL is all women and most of them as old as the older clients in the video, i see odd contradictions here. they don’t disapprove of oral sex for themselves, i feel sure. i think instead they are trying – and failing – to get men watching the video to empathise with the man’s disgust at the assembly-line nature of the job.

  3. A.K. Smith

    The other interesting thing I noted is the propagation of the “10 clients a day” myth, which is hardly the typical indoor sex worker’s workload – 5 is a busy day for most, 2 is more the typical mark.

    And of course the “have to have sex” suggests force.

  4. swoplv

    I think it is an attempt to address the criticism that the prohibitionists typically ignore men as sex workers and women as consumers. It’s a weird, weird video. The man doesn’t look like he is under any duress at all, so it would seem it misses the mark completely. Pretty inane.

  5. Maggie McNeill

    I reckon what they’re trying to imply to the male viewers is, “See, wouldn’t you just hate to be forced to have sex with a bunch of women against your will?” in order to generate empathy with women who are “forced” to do so. This, of course, reveals a deep cluelessness about male sexuality on their part, but that’s hardly surprising.

  6. Laura Agustín

    Look at us, trying to figure out the psychology of these strange Others, trying to find the logic. Fundamentalists are not interested in men who sell sex yet have portrayed one, but I don’t believe they have ever cared about criticism on this point because they are, by definition, only interested in violence against women. Maybe they got funds to make just this video and no other – from non-EU funders, I mean, someone with another sort of agenda. I still think it will backfire.

  7. Will

    Where’s the money? If they showed the money as well, there would be lots of men, not turned off, but also “starting to search for…”

  8. redpesto

    He must be able to lick his eyebrows with his tongue if he’s that in demand…

    But seriously…it doesn’t work with the voice-over, and without it, the video looks like a trailer for an arty version of ‘Hung’.

  9. Maggie McNeill

    Laura said: “Look at us, trying to figure out the psychology of these strange Others, trying to find the logic.”

    LOL! It is funny, isn’t it? I guess it’s just hard for us to accept that people can be that out of touch with reality, so we try to make some sense of it.

  10. Pohaku

    What the creator of this video did not realize was the clients love to lick women including the mature providers. Oral sex for women is actually categorized as service. At least in the US it a very common part of pay4play scene.

    Also there are sex workers in the age group depicted in this video… and it actually makes more sense ( in reality) if the young man was a client.

    1. vortec

      “Oral sex for women is actually categorized as service.”

      In the argot it’s DATY or “Dining at the Y,” don’t ask me how I know.

  11. Kris

    I think the makers of the ad indeed made a mistake. It is a big boost for a man’s ego if so many women want to have sex with him, even if they are older women. Especially for a man like me it would be a big boost because not a single woman feels attracted to me!!!!! It would be really something to brag about to my friends, being paid for sex by ten women a day.

  12. Erik

    Amazing. The depiction of women, who are older or a little bit curvy as disgusting? Talk about misogynistic.

    And the EU funds this? Who do I write to?

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  14. ewaffle

    Oh, please. A job described as: Help Wanted: male to lick anonymous pussies for $xx per hour, supply your own toothpaste and kneepads. would have applicants lined up out the door. There would be plenty of candidates if it was a volunteer gig.

    The ad is a total failure in every possible way.

    1. C

      You literally do see ads like this – posted by men – on Craigslist every day. On a voluntary basis. Oh, prohibitionists …

  15. Randy

    Okay, bizarre choice of ad. That turned me on. Somebody please make another version to promote hetero male sex workers – would be interesting to see how it feels to watch.

    Though I think it would have been polite for the punters to have a shower; also not unreasonable to use a dental dam? Also surely not all punters want oral?

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  17. Aaron

    The same tired old rhetoric – “prostitution is a form of violence and oppression”. But that’s only true when sex is dirty and disgusting… which it isn’t.
    And pretty much all of those women are fairly cute, so… I’d sign up for that job (if my services weren’t already spoken for). 😉

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