Callgirls are more honest than anti-male campaigners says Lambeth protester


Click twice on the photo to read the protest message stuck to a poster I wrote about last week as One London borough wants to End Demand: Clients of sex workers beware. I wonder how many posters got a sticker? This one’s on the tube escalator, surrounded by ads for musical shows and acne cures.

Thanks to Furry Girl and DrPizza for this photo.

Laura Agustín, the Naked Anthropologist

5 thoughts on “Callgirls are more honest than anti-male campaigners says Lambeth protester

  1. Jim


    Thanks so much for the making this great website!

    Finally someone who sees right through all of the sex trafficking BS.

    And on this topic people who hate sex work and sex workers know that virtually NO ONE will ever defend their customers so that is why they go after the “johns”. They make them out to be the most evil scum that have ever existed.

    That is why it’s important for sex workers to stick up for their customers when they are attacked. Because it’s a weak area that people who are against sex work can just totally wreak havoc with.

    Thanks again for the work that you do. It’s nice to read the TRUTH about things for once…not the normal flat out lies that are in the mainstream media daily.

    1. Laura Agustín

      Glad you found the website, I’ve been questioning the trafficking mania for a very long time now. In my networks people do stick up for clients, and there is a ‘clients’ tag, and one for ‘demand’, in the tag cloud. Welcome.

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