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Sex on Sunday: Chicago’s Leather Museum, Portland’s trafficking myth and Barcelona escort interviewed

The Leather Archives & Museum, a cultural center in Chicago devoted to preserving the history of alternative sexuality, wants your help documenting sexual practices that are not widely discussed. Do you enjoy giving or receiving a little pain during sex, such as spanking, biting, or scratching? Do you fantasize about being overpowered or overpowering your partner, including using ropes, handcuffs, or other restraints? Do you role-play during sex? We want to learn about your experiences through an interview. Contact Clarisse Thorn: clarisse [at] leatherarchives.org

Despite reputation, no proof Portland is a hub for child sex trafficking
The Oregonian

In the span of two short years, the city known as one of the nation’s most livable has become a magnet for national media reporting on child sex trafficking. With cameras rolling on 82nd Avenue last year, Dan Rather dubbed the city “Pornland” in a documentary. “Nightline” declared Portland the “epicenter for child prostitution,” and “World News With Diane Sawyer” called the city a “hotbed of sex trafficking.” But as hundreds gather in Portland this weekend for the third-annual Northwest Conference Against Trafficking, with talks by U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden and actress Daryl Hannah, an examination by The Oregonian reveals that no one really knows if the problem in Portland is any worse than anywhere else.

Montse Neira Galiciaconfidencial.com

Youtube video donde una escort de Barcelona habla sobre las diferentes modalidades de la industria del sexo en España.

  1. That article about Portland is excellent! Thank you for posting about it. I might never have seen it otherwise.


  2. thank someone called frank who sent it me! i don’t know him personally either but am grateful.



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